Technology tools designed for the security industry to improve efficiency, reduce human error and create a better, safer environment.

Admirals approach to technology hinges on our mission to provide the best customer and employee experience in the security industry. We seek out the latest technology tools that help people do more with less and reduce the margin for human error.

For Our Employees:

We make it easy for potential employees to find us, apply, get training and be on-boarded with Admiral. We then provide platforms for easy communication, safety and performance.

For Our Customers

It’s all about data, communication and cost reduction strategies. We offer tools that provide insights into data, visibility into our operations and other technology solutions to help them be more efficient.

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iCIMS Talent Cloud

A best-in-class applicant tracking platform to strategically tackle the complexities of the challenging and ever-changing world of recruiting and allowing us to hire the right people, faster, and more efficiently.

  • Talent Matching
  • Google Optimized postings
  • Social Media Cross Postings
  • Job board analytics
  • Text-to-Apply
  • Virtual Career Fairs
  • Mobile video conferencing
  • Screening and assessments
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Mobile Technology

TrackTik connects on-sites teams, administrative departments, local management, and customers in one place providing a holistic view into security operations. This single software solution allows you to follow the progression of your officers, reduce unnecessary manual tasks, and lower costs.

  • Dynamic Tracking
  • Live Dashboard
  • Data Reporting
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People + Tech = The way forward.

Your trusted advisor for security solutions of the future. We will never be satisfied with any technology tool and are continuously seeking and beta testing new solutions designed to provide the best customer experience. Contact us to learn more about.

  • AI for Access Control Monitoring
  • Cloud based AI driven Risk Assessments
  • Predictive Threat Intelligence
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BOETA (Building Operational Estimator Time & Attendance)

This proprietary platform is exclusive to the Admiral family of companies. Developed by Lawson Software, the system was designed to connect our people to our customers ensuring accurate and on-time payroll and invoicing. It also produces insightful operational metrics that allow the Admiral Management team run our business efficiently so we can offer the best possible value to our customers.

  • Automated Scheduling – Connecting our scheduling and payroll, minimizing the possibility of human error
  • Reporting Metrics – Customize invoices to customer specifications, ensuring that they are easily understandable and accurate.